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Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo Junior, or Junior as what his Nova Uniao friends called him, is a renowned MMA fighter from Manaus. Aldo is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black expert, a sport that excelled in year 2000, previous to his career in MMA. He dominated lots of titles in the lower belt divisions of Jiu Jitsu, having 2 championships over Rubens Charles a grappling legend in the brown belt division.

Jose was born on September 9, 1986 in Brazil. As a kid, this guy was extremely attracted in Soccer, a sport Aldo played competitively. Aldo was a violent player and frequently had fights with the opposing teams. It was due to those scuffles that he felt the need to partake Capoeira at the age of fourteen to enhance his skills in fighting. When he reaches the age of 16, Aldo changed his disposition to what he liked to achieve in adulthood. He thought his calling was to become a footballer as a kid, but during his teenage years he is trying to become a combat fighter.

Jose Aldo transferred to Rio de Janeiro when he was sixteen years old, against the will of his parents. Aldo has a small amount of cash and no job, therefore his first couple of weeks were so hard, and he lived in the slums. The first mail his mother got from Aldo was a letter. His parents never really believed this will be something he will achieve because of the long distance between his hometown and the coast.

To begin his fighting tuition, he searched for the Andre Pederneiras, a legendary coach from Nova Uniao, a guy accountable for the making of strong fighters like Robson Moura, Vitor Shaolin, Markon Sandro, Ramon Lemos, Gustavo Dantas and so much more. He trained under the supervision of Andre for a couple of weeks, and when Andre discovered about Aldo’s dire condition he took him aside and spoke him to transfer in the academy. Andre also stopped charging Aldo for the tuition.

At Nova Uniao, Aldo also met Viviane or Vivi, the girl that will later become his partner in life. She taught Muay Thai and caught Aldo’s attention right away. They began dating and a couple of years Aldo told her to marry him on top of a fighting ring, after winning the fight. Aldo also told Viviane to stop training because his wife cannot be seen training in a gym which is male oriented.

His Jiu Jitsue career was flourishing, on the other hand, he has chosen to concentrate in training routine towards Mixed Martial Arts as that’s what, where Aldo make a living, even if he considered himself a BJJ fighter. He has likewise spoken that he always returns back to GI drill after his matches and which he chose to strike to please the K.O hungry crowds. Jose Aldo Junior went on to complete titles in the UFC and WEC, which are considered two of the best Mixed Martial Arts Organizations all over the world at this point in time.

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