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Nick Diaz Fighter Bio

Nicholas Robert Diaz, aka “Nick”, born on 2nd of August, 1983 is a recognized mixed martial artist, two-time world champion and a professional fighter since 2001. Currently, Nick Diaz is signed with UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), but he also competed in other competitions, including WEC, PRIDE, Shooto, Strikeforce, DREAM and EliteXC. Nick is former Welterweight Champion for WEC and Welterweight Champion for Strikeforce.

Childhood Background 

Nick Diaz’s story started in Stockton, California where he was born and raised. Nick is of Mexican-American descent and is Nate Diaz’s older brother, another UFC fighter. He studied at Tokay High School before finally dropping out. At a young age, Nick already began training in karate and aikido. He had also participated in wrestling competitions and was also a member of the swimming team. At the age of 16, he began his training in Sambo under Valeri Ignatov and still training with him today. On May 8, 2007, Nick was promoted in Brazilian jiu-jitsu to black belt by Cesar Gracie and is now actually teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu with his brother in Lodi, California.

Fighting Style 

Nick Diaz is known to fight in his exceptional Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighting style and in using his submission skills. Trained by Cesar Gracie, he was known as formidable fighter for opponents. Apart from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Nick Diaz was also known for being an underrated boxer. He is used to utilizing his long reach in order to unmercifully peppering his opponents. Thus, he is considered as one of the toughest fighters who have been in MMA.

Career History 

Nick Diaz officially became a professional mixed martial artist in 2001 in his first winning fight just after his 18th birthday. He won after submitting Mike Wick using a triangle choke. He became a champion in his second professional fight when he defeated Chris Lytle in the Welterweight Championship in IFC.

He continued fighting in different competitions and subsequently won another championship. His most notable and controversial fights and victories include:

  • Defeating BJ Penn at UFC 137 in a unanimous decision. He beat up Penn while on his feet despite the rough inaugural round. He won and then announced that he is the legitimate contender to fight for the welterweight crown.
  • Defeating Takanori Gomi at PRIDE 33 via gogoplata. But, this victory was not counted and overturned because Diaz was tested positive for the use of marijuana. As such, it has been considered that this fight is back and forth battle and one of the best you can see.
  • Defeating Robbie Lawler at the UFC 47 in the second round via knock out. Supposedly, Lawler should have destroyed Diaz but this was not what happened as Diaz showed how tough he with a knockout victory.
  • Defeating Jeremy Jackson at the IFC WC 18 via TKO in the first round. This is when Diaz landed Jeremy Jackson’s only defeat in his entire career. The victory was a payback with Diaz having defeated by Jackson one year before.

Diaz’s breakout fight was with Robbie Lawler where Diaz took the fight straight to his adversary with consistently beating and taking control of the fight. This would soon become the knockout victory putting Nick Diaz’s name for good in MMA.

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